Disappointed M’sians Slams Covid-19 Immunisation Taskforce (CITF) For Registration Glitch

The 2nd Astra Zeneca registration for citizens below age 60 is officially open today with poor fanfare. Netizens who has been trying to register, took it to Twitter to express disappointment with the buggy platform.

The site was down at 12.15pm and accessible from 12.20pm onwards but registrations were never completed. This is the 2nd time that such incident happen after the 1st public registration last month. The technical team seems to have never learn from the first encountered.

Picture : Vaksincovid.gov.my

Again, whats’s new? The government should have anticipated a huge traffic inflow to the platform system. Pretty much common sense ain’t it? Efforts to increase the bandwidth to allow 30 millions traffic at a single time should seriously be consider? (The size of Malaysia’s populations)

Picture : Error messages from Vaksincovid.gov.my

Below are some angry and emotional vents from netizen as of 1.35pm.

We hoped that the technical team will seriously take the rakyat’s word for it but who knows, it will definitely happen on the third time again. 🙂

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