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Golf is a funny sport. It’s played out in the hot sun, takes 4-5 hours, you hit a small ball 150-250 meters away, and no one hits it back to you. You then go find the ball, and if you’re lucky to find it, you hit it even further until it gets into a super small hole. Then you repeat it 18 more times. The equipment you use to hit the ball as well, has a super small head, attached to a super long stick. If golf clubs were made like tennis rackets, missing the ball while hitting it wouldn’t happen so often. 

Anyway, for most golfers out there, once you’re into the game, you become an addict. Either that or you drop out of the game. There’s no middle ground. When you are an addict, you want to golf all the time. Unfortunately, in today’s busy schedule, not everyone that you want to golf with is going to be available whenever you want to golf. When that happens, then you can’t golf, which sucks.

The Story Of Deemples 

When you can’t golf, then the probability of quitting golf is much higher. When you quit golf, then the golf industry, which includes golf courses, equipment makers, retailers, apparel, accessories, academies, media, and events all lost another player. 

But in today’s digital landscape, you can call a car on-demand, get food delivered on-demand, get accommodation sorted on-demand, find a couch to surf on, but why isn’t there a service that helps you find a golf buddy on demand? 

Image : Deemples Malaysia Facebook

The idea wasn’t tough, everyone was used to these concepts, but no one seemed to have built something like that for golfers. So Deemples was launched on the app stores in 2016 by David Wong whilst he was still working in Singapore. 

We asked David why he started Deemples, and the answer was quite simple. He wanted to golf and his friends were never available whenever he wanted to play, and he didn’t mind playing with ANYone, since one of the objectives of playing golf was to meet new people. 

David Wong Deemples
Image : David Wong, founder of Deemples

A lot of people were sceptical if something like this would work, because when a survey was done, most people just said they’d stick to playing with their own friends. Little did we know, there were a lot of people that also fell into the category like David, and within the first 3 months, there were 2500 golfers that have downloaded Deemples and using it to play even more golf than ever before. 

Fast forward 4.5 years now, Deemples is home to 30,000 golfers, who use Deemples to:

  1. Find other golfers/games.
  2. Make payment for games.
  3. Submit scores, and maintain golf handicaps. 

That’s right, at the end of 2019, golf courses saw the uptick of golfers using Deemples, and realised, why not post their own games on Deemples, and accept payments from golfers upfront. That way, revenue for valuable slots especially on the weekends are secured, and on the less busy times, individual golfers get to match up with other golfers and get a round in

As of today, even though golf courses have been open and closed throughout the COVID season, Deemples has helped golf courses generate an additional RM2.5M worth of revenues that wouldn’t have happened if golfers couldn’t find each other.

Deemples Malaysia
Image : Deemple’s Facebook
Deemples Malaysia
Image : Deemple’s Facebook
Deemples Malaysia
Image : Deemple’s Facebook
Deemples Malaysia
Image : Deemple’s Facebook

Deemples’s Partnerships With Golf Clubs

Throughout the years, Deemples has raised a total of USD600k to help with product development and marketing to ensure that both golfers and golfers have the best experience via the mobile app and the golf course admin portal.

We asked David what was the biggest challenge in running Deemples, and he mentioned, “Golfers love deemples, since it helps them find buddies and the convenience of making bookings without calling the golf course. Whilst an increasing amount of golf courses are embracing the Deemples technology, a small minority of golf courses are still wary, since the management is not used to collecting revenue upfront, and feel that their staff cannot cope with these new changes.” But David is confident that this will change over time, as management teams become younger and more adaptive to current technologies. 

Mines Resort & Golf Club Operations Manager, Ezani Balia, says “We’ve used Deemples for only a few months now and have seen the amazing things that technology can help us with maximising the utilization of tee times and making the game more accessible. We’re not a technology company, so instead of buying our own technology, we rather partner with a software company that already comes with thousands of golfers loaded in.”

Whilst Malaysia is in it’s 3rd lockdown this MCO 3.0, the Deemples team is not resting and have recently pushed out the Deemples Rewards program where golfers are rewarded with credits everytime they make payment via Deemples to golf courses. These credits can be accumulated and used to offset the payment of future golf games, rewarding users to golf more. The content team is also producing way more content since golfers are all staying at home now and need to be entertained. Content produced is mostly educational and entertaining at the same time, and can be found on their social media channels. 

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