Shibuya Crossing Style Is Finally Here In Bukit Bintang Intersection

While we are staying safe at home, DBKL today announced an upgraded crossroad for pedestrian in the busy Bukit Bintang intersection. Pedestrian will be able to cross with ease with the new implementation, crossing in zig-zag multi-direction from today.

The move is set to optimise crossing time and allows pedestrian to cross simultaneously in every direction possible within the crossroad, ensuring a more safe and efficient process. The Bukit Bintang – Jalan Sultan Ismail crossroad is currently the busiest intersection in the city. With this new implementation, DBKL hopes that it will provide a more timely synergy between transportation and human foot’ traffic within the area.

Credit : DBKL Facebook
Credit : DBKL Facebook

The section connects 4 for corners mainly McDonalds Bukit Bintang, MRT Bukit Bintang, Monorail Bukit Bintang, Lot 10 (H&M Entrance) and WOLO Hotel.

Inspired by the infamous Shibuya crossing in Japan, the X-label direction brings greater connectivity and have inspired many cities to follow suit. Singapore for example has introduced a similar crossway crossing in Orchard Road back in 2018.

The scramble crossing will add vibrancy and a livelier atmosphere to the area with its high foot traffic surrounded by 6 shopping malls. Are you excited yet to roam the streets of Bukit Bintang once the lockdown is lifted?

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