TAR University Quietly Raised Student Fees Close To MYR1,000 And Students Are Protesting

Students received bill with fees charged ranging from MYR 700 to MYR 1,000.

Remember back in 2019 when TAR UC found themselves in trouble over the hotly debated issues of tuition fees increment? Well, guess what… a student recently notified PenLah on an even more exorbitant miscellaneous fees charged this year amounting close to MYR1,000.

Credit : Provided To Penlah.com
Credit : Provided To Penlah.com

A petition was recently set-up to highlight unreasonable and unjustified fees charged by Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and aims to drive awareness and call for more students to protest on such coward move. Students was surprised and found themselves slapped with additional fees such as insurance premium, special administration fee, laboratory/workshop fee and facilities fees on the student bill received.

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With learning classes conducted entirely online for the most year, TAR UC students were left puzzled on why TAR UC has decided to charge a sort of maintenance fee for the facilities which were not utilise during this COVID 19 pandemic. In fact, they are outrage by such unexplainable act without communication and notifications prior to the billing.

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According to the petition, TAR UC students are curious on why such fees are mandatory and how did it went enforced. Take insurance premium for an example, what kind of insurance are those, why is there no premium policy receive prior to this.

The petition is gaining momentum as of the time of writing this piece. With the pandemic ravaging economies and affecting every businesses, such move from an education institutions surely is not a favourable approach.

Back in 2019, TAR UC was accused of revising the tuition fees of up to 7% increment. TAR UC however acknowledged that there was indeed an increment of 3% for A levels, diploma and degree students. The reason given back then was the 3% increase was inline with the annual inflation rate. You may read more about TAR UC 2019′ explanation here.

We certainly hope the institution could provide a reasonable explanation to keep every stakeholders happy.

Just in case you’re one of the affected students, you can support the movement by signing up here. Petition of Protest Against Unreasonable & Unjustified Fees By Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.

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