This 8 Years Old Malaysian Started Her Own Brand

Jacynth Eliza has sold more than 250 pair of earrings to date with hundreds of upcoming orders to be deliver.

Entrepreneurship does not recognise age and gender. Meet Jacynth Eliza, an 8 years old girl turned entrepreneur with the support from both of her parents. The brand Eliza’s Magic features Jacynth’s middle name, Eliza.

The Story Behind Eliza’s Magic

The story began when Jacynth’s mother, Caroline started Eliza’s Magic back in 2016 by offering customise decorative party themes for birthdays and anniversaries celebrations. Due to financial constraints on hiring a party planner, Caroline decided to do-it-yourself for her kids birthdays by customising decorative settings.

Her creative work sparks interest and conversations starts to spread quickly via word-of-mouth from family and friends requesting her to venture out as a business.

Since then, there’s no turning back. Eliza’s Magic was the prime party-planning brand scoring bookings parties in hotels and event halls. Movies and cartoon themes such as Minions and Sesame Street were among the popular requests.

Check out some of the decorative party themes offered by Eliza’s Magic below.

Eliza's Magic
Image : Eliza’s Magic Facebook
Eliza's Magic
Image : Eliza’s Magic Facebook
Eliza's Magic
Image : Eliza’s Magic Facebook
Eliza's Magic
Image : Eliza’s Magic Facebook

Pivoting Eliza’s Magic During Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, things did not go well with mass-gathering restrictions and the event industry was the first to experience such impact. With slowing demands in the event business, Jacynth Eliza propose to her mom to pivot and diverse their creativity as Jacynth herself has a strong passion in arts and crafts.

Caroline, being a strong advocate of arts and an entrepreneur-mom steer Eliza’s Magic onto a handmade accessory brand when Eliza surprised her with earrings made out of aqua beads.

They started creating awareness and interest of the earrings by sharing it on WIEN Facebook group and true enough, inquiries came pouring in from interested buyers. The family took on separate roles on supporting Eliza’s entrepreneur dream.

Caroline (mom) does the social media marketing by getting the word out and listing on Shopee, Joshua (dad) helps with the product design, print and packaging cutting while Eliza herself work on the handmade product itself. It’s a family dream-team!

Image : Handmade with love by Jacynth Eliza

The earrings are 100% handmade by Eliza herself featuring colourful aqua-beads and it’s super affordable too! Each pair of this customise earring is price from MYR4/pair or customers can purchase 3 pairs for a mere MYR10 only.

To date, Eliza’s Magic has sold over 250 pairs of earrings with hundreds of pending orders yet to be deliver. Things certainly look busy at Eliza’s Magic end during this MCO.

Image : Eliza’s Magic Handmade Earrings

Caroline told us that she wants to teach Eliza on how to be independent and guide her through business-learning skills from a young age. She wants her to inherit the entrepreneur skills which were not taught in schools.

Other Products

Eliza’s Magic also offer other products such as digital printable, glassware rentals, customised craft boxes and 3D greeting cards.

You can visit Eliza’s Magic social media channels here. Support your local brand.

Eliza’s Magic Shopee

Eliza’s Magic Facebook

Eliza’s Magic Instagram

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