Two M’sians Quit Their Jobs And Started A HR Tech

Company perks drive employee’s work performance! Do you agree with the statement? I mean, who doesn’t like freebies and benefits. Everyone loves it! Things are about to change in the human-resource industry when two Malaysians decided to quit their job and launch [email protected], a platform connecting employers with consumer brands to enjoy perks and benefits for employees.

The Story Of [email protected]

Keith Loh and Yong decided to embark on an entrepreneurship mission back in March 2020, 1 week before Malaysia went into its first lockdown. Jack joins the team later as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in 2021. They both envision ways to revolutionised employee benefits while improving corporate employees’s lifestyle.

“We believe that lifestyle dictates individuals’ wellbeing, hence we are embarking on our mission to improve corporate employees’ wellbeing by simplifying employee benefits to encourage more corporations/employers to meaningfully reward & recognize their people with great lifestyle perks and support. With work-life integration becoming a trend, it is ever so important for us to always focus on employees’ wellbeing, on and off work.” – said Keith Loh, co-founder of [email protected]

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In short, [email protected] is a platform that connects and matches companies’ employers with consumer brands while driving engagements between the 2 parties. Think of it as a match-making platform! (Give It To Santa Claus and Santa will spread the happiness!)

How Does It Work?

[email protected]’s business model works by connecting corporate employee users to merchant/brand partners which allow Perkaholic to drive more business traffic and demand to help increase sales of their brand partners.

Through their centralised employee deals platform, Perkaholic can help corporations to reward their employees with exclusive merchant deals or discounts. From a corporate employee user perspective, searching for exclusive corporate pricing becomes effortless now, knowing that the company that employee works for, truly cares about them.   

Image : [email protected] website – Employee Deals Platform

Employers can sign up and enjoy a 2-months free trial access which comes pre-loaded with great deals and discounts offer by amazing brand partners now. While merchants can sign up for free at the link here.

Image : [email protected] Website

Current Traction

To date, [email protected] have successfully on-boarded 50 brands partners ranging from retail, tech, beauty, groceries to pet services brands such as Fuel Shack Burger, Ippudo, Bask Bear Coffee, 50Gram, Zcova, Stashaway, Ogawa, Petsmore, and Hermo etc. These brands are ready to serve Perkaholic’s growing corporate clients once it goes live.

In the span of 1 year, [email protected] has secured several notable corporate clients such as Southeast Asia-based major stock exchange, public listed companies and partnership team up with a co-working space brand in Kuala Lumpur.

Quest To Dominate

[email protected] aims to become a complete employee benefit platform that strengthen their partner’s branding position in the industry. The platform allows corporation to support their employees’ lifestyle and further provide great avenues to effectively showcase their support toward their people in its own unique way.

Merchant brand partners stand to tap into a growing corporate employers under one-roof offering exclusive corporate pricing and bulk-deals.

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