‘Vaccine’ Display Sign For Thai Taxi Drivers Who Vaccinated

Smart Taxi is the first company in Thailand to implement such new strategy in hopes to steer recovery of the taxi transportation industry.

If you have been to Bangkok, you will notice that there’s ample supplies of taxis on every corner of the streets. It’s reported that there’s 100,000 registered taxis in Thailand alone in comparison to 67,000 registered taxis in Malaysia. Bangkok is ranked the most visited city in the world according to MasterCard 2019’s Global Destination Cities index and no wonder the competition is fierce.

In order to shake up consumer’s confidence and grow market share of ridership, one taxi company in Thailand, Smart Taxi, introduces certified ‘Vaccine’ sign for taxi drivers who have fully vaccinated. The strategy move is set to steer ridership rate and instils confidence for passengers to stay safe and protected during a taxi journey ride. The company has about 5,000 taxis registered under them and plans to fully vaccinate all its driver by the end of 2022.

Image Credit : Thaipbsworld.com

The green lit sign screams ‘Vaccine’ and ‘Covid ✓’ in English, Thai and Chinese language. Currently, only 2 fully vaccinated drivers have their vehicle boards activated. The application process involves vaccine certificate paperwork submission to the company and subsequently, Smart Taxi will submit and maintain the database to the Department Of Land Transport.

One such taxi driver who have received the signage says that passengers feedback was super-positive with daily earnings hitting THB 600. The move has certainly attract more customers and increase ridership. The campaign is still quite small as of now but has definitely generated hype for other taxis companies to follow.

In April 2021, a taxi association which has more than 30,000 drivers requested permission to jump vaccine queue and fast track in receiving their jabs. The proposal has not been decided by the Thai cabinet.

Thailand will begin its mass vaccination campaign next month and targets to vaccinate 80% of its population with a single dose by September 2021. That’s a great nation-goal to achieve considering it’s only 3 months away.

Should taxis in Malaysia follow suit? Probably Grab Malaysia could print out LED stickers for its drivers to stick on their windscreens. The next time you’re in Bangkok, be sure to check out these certified taxis!

Source : Thaiger.com and Vice.com

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