“I Read Tarot Cards For 7 Years And Help People Realise Their Highest Purpose In Life” – Sarah May Low Shares Career In Astrology

This is the story of Sarah May Low Tarot Academy.

Sarah May Low : I’ve always had a deep fascination with humans – their behaviour, their personality traits, psychology, and the meaning behind their actions. This was further developed when I worked in Media. In Media, for client pitches, we have to first understand the target markets or consumer behaviours before strategising or creating campaigns for that specific group of people. Also, as a Chinese, it is quite common for us Malaysian Chinese to use Feng Shui, Chinese decor, or esoteric sciences to improve our luck – be it in business, career, romance or happiness so it was natural for me to dabble into learning the art of Astrology when I was living in New Zealand in 2011. One of the top Astrologer in New Zealand was holding a workshop on Astrology since I was bored as everything in New Zealand closes at 5 pm.

Moving home to Malaysia after my stint in New Zealand, I was always in client-facing roles in sales, business development, and marketing, and it all started when I used “What’s your zodiac sign?” as my go-to ice-breaker. People in my industry starting coming to me for Astrological advice and in 2014, I started to dabble in Tarot as it was a tool (the deck of cards) that was convenient for me to put into my handbag and brought around with me. 

Sarah May Low Tarot Academy
Image : Sarah May Low

News about my talent started to spread like wildfire and I started to read for agencies and also brands that were recommended by my media contacts. Then, I still had a flourishing daytime career as the Head of Sales for Malaysia’s no.1 Tech Website Lowyat.net and the company even decided to send me to Vietnam to head their social media arm.

As I was preparing to leave for Vietnam, a personal tragedy struck – my beloved father passed away from fighting lung cancer for 11 years. Without even proper grief counselling or even the chance to process my feelings, I only had 2 weeks to settle family responsibilities and move to Vietnam to take on a leadership role.

In Asia, there is no proper counselling, support, or even resources when it comes to dealing with grief, trauma, and mental health. I was a walking Zombie in a faraway land, not knowing the local language, and had to put on my customer service smile from 9 am till 6 pm. From 6 pm till 10 pm, I was crying for an entire year. 

I felt crazy and I know that I needed help. I became my therapist, deactivated my social media accounts, pick up the Ukulele, and travelled solo.

Image : Sarah May Low

As I was traveling all over South East Asia for work, I made many friends – CEOs, Directors, Start-up owners – The cream of the crop of their countries. One profound occasion was when I was having a conversation with an ex-pat friend who was a CEO of a bank in his 50s. Being cheeky, I teased him and said “Wahhh! Teach me how to be a CEO like you! I want to be a CEO too.”

He kept quiet for a few minutes and then turned to look at me “Sarah, trust me. My job is not as easy as it seems. Do you know, I’ve had depression in the past 20-30 years of my career?”

It felt like a tight slap I needed! I realized that CEOs, Celebrities, Public Figures, and world leaders are humans too. They too go through their struggles, obstacles, and mental health issues. Worst, they are mostly high functioning, meaning, they can bring it the billion-dollar sales or hit their KPIs but when they are alone, they can be self-destructive or feel out-of-place in their chaotic thoughts

I honestly asked myself these 2 questions.

“Sarah May Low, is this the kind of life you see yourself having?”


“If you were to drop dead tomorrow. What is the one thing you would regret not doing?”

“My Ph.D.”

The signs were crystal clear. When my contract ended in Dec 2018, within 1 week, I packed my bags, hopped on the plane, applied for my Ph.D., cleaned up my mother’s unused shop, and started Sarah May Low Tarot Academy.

Sarah May Low Tarot Academy

As I was already reading Tarot for 4 years as a side hobby and has a steady flow of clients, it was quite easy for me to transition into an actual business. Till today, I am still a full-time Ph.D. student and a part-time business owner though I’m more well-known as a business owner. I have almost 7000 clients both in Malaysia and also internationally. 60% of my business is from International clients and clients out of Kuala Lumpur, such as Sabah, Sarawak, Johore, and Penang. For those clients, I conduct our sessions both on WhatsApp and on Zoom.

Sarah May Low Tarot Academy
Image : Sarah May Low

Despite all the “Woo Woo” connotations connected to Tarot and Astrology, it is essentially talk therapy, counselling, and life coaching but using Tarot Cards as a tool and Astrology planets as guidance.

Tarot Cards and Astrology view your inner psyche and help structure your thoughts so that you will be given guidance and strategies that can help you reach your highest calling and purpose in life.

I am responsible for #DISRUPTING the spiritual industry and spearheading the #MillennialAwakening movement in Malaysia. I transformed a 600-year-old practice that is often misunderstood and frowned upon into a Young, Hip, Trendy, and Sexy Art Form.

I started Sarah May Low Tarot Academy as a safe space for my esoteric community to learn divination arts, explore inner wisdom, and encourage healing. I strongly champion both education and the notion of opening up conversations on stigmatized topics such as Mental Health, Gender/Cultural discrimination, Abuse, and Toxic Relationships. To heal, one would not only need to face their inner demons but also have the courage to speak their TRUTH.

Sarah May Low Tarot Academy
Image : Sarah May Low

The COVID 19 Pandemic

2020 and the first half of 2021 have been overwhelming and an emotional roller coaster for not just clients in Malaysia but also for my clients internationally. In Malaysia alone, more than 100,000 Malaysians were retrenched and I went through thousands of life coaching/counseling sessions with clients who were in-between jobs/at crossroads in their career, cried with them, encouraged them, pushed them to their highest potential, and made funny jokes to make them laugh…

Somehow or rather, there’s a pattern when a crisis would happen and our parents plus grandparents went through their own set of crises such as the 1997 financial crisis and World War II.

What I’ve learned in life as a Tarot Reader and Astrologer is that crisis, hurdles and obstacles are part of life & things will always turn out for the better just as long as you don’t give up! What doesn’t kill us WILL make us stronger!

Image : Sarah May Low

Clients who were in Events, Pilots, Cabin Crews, Hospitality saw their world come crashing down overnight! But a few months later they managed to pick up new skills or explore hidden talents and pivot. Many of them found happiness in other professions and some are even business owners now selling makeup, chili sauce, etc.

What I love about my profession is that I see MAGIC every single day and I am extremely proud of my clients for finding their MAGIC at their lowest point in life.

Moving Forward and Beyond

For my business and academy, I do plan to launch more courses on Astrology, write books on the subject and maybe start a Podcast. As an academic and Ph.D. candidate, part of the pipeline is to eventually write academic journal articles on the positive effects of tarot and astrology when it comes to life coaching and helping people cope with their mental health.

Sarah May Low Tarot Academy
Image : Sarah May Low

If you’re interested to learn Tarot or book an appointment schedule with Sarah, visit Sarah May Low Tarot Academy here.

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