Meet Kimberly Janet, Our National Athlete Who Helps M’sians Stay Healthy

Malaysia is truly Asia and well represented by its varieties of food! We are pampered with Nasi Lemak, satays, cendols – you name it! Our human body is what we consume and eat daily. This essentially gives rise to health issues such as obesity and body fat. Did you know that Malaysia is rated number 1 in terms of highest obesity rate in Southeast Asia? No joke! Now what do you do if you gain a few kilos within a week? Most Malaysians will head for a work-out plan such as jogging, enrol to a dieting plan or consuming supplements that claim to reduce body fats within x number of weeks. While there’s no right or wrong in adapting such plans, most of us do not have a strategy to remain in a healthy weight-state for the longest time.

Then, there’s sickness. Malaysians tend to visit a doctor when we fall sick and get treatment because we trust whatever the doctor prescribed us. How many times have you visited a doctor and blindly take medications prescribed by doctors without even googling on the side effects or interaction of the drugs received with our body? I bet all of us blindly trust our doctors!

One Malaysian Wants Us To Treat Our Body Seriously

Meet Kimberly Janet, our Malaysian musketeer fencing national athlete and healthcare consultant who believes that every individual requires a unique treatment approach because all of us are different in a way.

Kimberly believes that the future of preventive health and fitness belongs to the generalists instead of specialists. While specialist focuses on a niche vertical, Kimberly thinks that future professional should cover all aspects of support in health, nutrition, supplementation, sleep and stress management etc.

Clients generally seeks for solutions based on their unique problems but not all specialists are listening.

“Ironically, preventive medicine and holistic care need a whole lot of diagnostics including client’s family history, lifestyle, surgeries that they done before or even goes into details such as what type of cooking utensils they used at home because that’s how heavy metal poisoning occurred in our body. But doctors may have or may not have much time to gather such information and nurses are quite busy to perform their own task in assisting doctor’s prescriptions and treatment preparations. Ask yourself that how much time do you normally get to describe your family medical history to doctors?” – Said Kimberly Janet.

Image : North Borneo Wellness

The Birth Of North Borneo Wellness

North Borneo Wellness was created as a health coach to achieve a client’s health optimisation’s journey by working closely with all health practitioners. Think of it as a one-stop holistic treatment centre providing not only healthcare treatments but mental health refreshes by combining Malaysia tourism and exploration of local experiences.

The services and treatment offered will be based on finding a comprehensive, individualised and scientific approach to holistic wellness and age management. Each individual client will undergo a process of comprehensive health assessment such as stress test, understanding of family and own medical history and lifestyle habit. The findings will then be assess by North Borneo Wellness and treatment options will be suggested based on each unique situation.

Clients who are based in outside of Malaysia will be able to enrol on a preventive health tourism where hotel and transportation packages are arranged by North Borneo Wellness.

You may check out their website on the list of services provided here.

Image : North Borneo Wellness

Ongoing Plans During Covid-19 Pandemic

With international borders remain close, medical tourism has certainly take a hit. The team at North Borneo Wellness is working on building a community of health coaches through a mobile app platform Heathcoach2u. The initiatives helps to gather health coaches from Guangzhou,China, Singapore and Malaysia and expand their client base further by going online. The community will be able to participate in private coaching conducted by Kimberly and monitor nutrition intakes, habit tracker and personalise exercise programs.

There’s also a plan to launch HealthCoaching2U Playbook by August 2021 this year to further guide health coaches on leading a career professionally and effective.

North Borneo Wellness also partners with local farmer DinoKelulut, as the main distributor to share non-harmful and beneficial superfood to its clients. Some of the premiums products offer are Kelulut Honey with Bird-nest extract, raw kelulut honey comes in bottle packaging and kelulut honey power bars. Visit the online store here.

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Website : North Borneo Wellness

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