Meet Mukesh, The Man Who Digitalises Business And Empowers Communities

He self taught himself on how to code and running a business.

Meet Mukesh, co-founder and CEO of SegWitz. SegWitz helps digitalisation, scaling and turn your business ideas into a million dollar start up. But it wasn’t a smooth journey when he first started SegWitz. Every entrepreneurs could relate the gloomy days of starting up where failures and rejections were the norm.

The Story Of Mukesh Maran

Mukesh story of entrepreneurship started when he was 5 years old. Idolising Bill Gates, Mukesh had always wanted to start a software company with the hopes of becoming one of the world’s biggest techs. The thought of it lingers on Mukesh’s mind every day. It’s that thought that motivates Mukesh to start coding at the age of 13 and learn about entrepreneurship.

Mukesh was not a bright student in school. He recalled that ‘computers’ was the only thing that he think of. His first venture as an entrepreneur started once he leaves school. Mukesh sells computers and network hardwares in bulk quantities but it did not succeed. The business went busted after a year of running and he faced his first failure as a start-up.

Mukesh Maran SegWitz
Image : Mukesh Maran Facebook

Not giving up, Mukesh soon find himself starting a video game development startup in 2017 while working as a freelance web developer and tech consultant. He soon learn that many companies were burning lots of money by outsourcing their web and mobile app development works but projects were not completed and fail to be deliver by those software companies. One such company spent hundred of thousands but the outcome was really disappointing.

Failure of delivery by those agencies led to massive financial losses, failure of business and subsequently, Mukesh was inspired to start SegWitz to provide efficient solutions to these clients.

Mukesh and SegWitz

Mukesh’s expertise as a tech consultant proves to be a life saver for those companies. Equipped with ideas and client centric solutions in mind, Mukesh analyses failure rates of these software companies and soon decided to start his own company to help companies digitalise its structure and products.

SegWitz was officially born in January 2019 with Mohit Kumar joining as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer 7 months later. With a handful of clients jumping over, SegWitz’s clients slowly continue to grow with Mukesh’s determination. Mukesh will regularly travel across different states in Malaysia to meet prospects and clientele and work on small mobile projects.

In 2020, words started to spread out and SegWitz saw an explode in team, clienteles base and brand growth. When the pandemic hit, prospects meetings were held entirely online through video calls and businesses were still growing at a healthy rate.

Today, SegWitz has 22 developers work under its platform and host a robust set of core values for all of its members. With the advisory and guidance of Steve Chow, CEO of 10X Valley (A Malaysia First IPO Ready Transformational platform, SegWitz is able to think and run the business differently from other competitors.

SegWitz Malaysia
Image : Mukesh and Haw Choon of Chin Yin Group Property

SeqWitz Beliefs and Core Values

In this world of technology and continuous digitalisation, SegWitz believes that each company must digitalise in order to stay relevant.

“We want to be the software company which enables them to do so. We want to be the tech partner who really cares for our clients and their business. We integrate ourselves into our clients’ business and become a part of them. We take responsibility and hold ourselves accountable. Building a remote team culture is not easy, but it’s starting to fruit. In order to be different from the other software company/agency, we need to look into aspects others won’t look at. We do not just want to be a software company closing deals and delivering projects.” said Mukesh Maran, co-founder of SegWitz.

We want to be a tech enabler, who creates digitally centered businesses to empower the community. In every project we worked on and are working on, we will ensure the projects have goals which will lead to empowering the community. That’s the standard we hold on.” – added Mukesh

SegWitz Malaysia
Image : SegWitz Website

With this in mind, SegWitz wants to continuously improve every aspects of its client in order to produce softwares at the highest quality. From ideation stage to millions in ringgit in valuation, SegWitz work with SMEs and Corporates to increase their sales only after 3 months of launching their web or app.

SegWitz Malaysia
Image : UI/UX Designed By SegWitz
SegWitz Malaysia
Image : UI/UX Designed By SegWitz

You can also check out more User-interface designs here.

Currenly SegWitz services clients such as, Kementerian Belia Dan Sukan, Kleek, MyKori and Pineapple Resources Berhad and AFA Sports Solutions.

Post-Covid Era is going to be different. Things will move at a faster pace while, digitisation will become increasingly vital for companies’ survival. Tech adoption rate will accelerate among companies and businesses.

Future Plans

In the coming years, SegWitz will also start working widely on services such as Internet of Things and AI/ML.

“We do have projects in that area but currently our core focus is on web development and mobile apps development as these are the areas we are very good at.” – said Mukesh.

We wish SegWitz every success it needed to excel!

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