This Malaysian Company Wants To Help Businesses Go Digital

SKALE offers All-In-One-Marketing tool to grow and scale small businesses

With the uncertainly looming over Covid 19, most businesses are forced to go digital in order to stay resilient while Malaysians work from home and make daily purchases through online platforms. During this difficult and challenging times, SKALE Malaysia, an all-in-one marketing platform wants to help offline business to stay relevant and generate sales amid MCO3.0.

SKALE was launched back in 2019 with the aim of leveraging technology to help small and medium enterprises retailers acquire new customers and monitor sales growth through tracking methodology. SKALE allows small businesses to launch PushAds (digital ads), Digital Vouchers , Personalised SMS and Email campaigns targeting social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Google on a single platform. Today, SKALE empowers a growing 1,300 users with the right tools to effectively market their products on digital channels.

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“Digitising is no longer a convenience, but a necessity. Online businesses have been tapping on digital marketing and different communication channels to drive online sales for a long time. But not all offline businesses have been able to do the same seamless transition into the digital space and find a way to capture customer data and actually use it to effectively drive store sales, especially as a SME. For us, we take pride in being able to help these SME offline retailers to also increase their footfall and sales in an increasingly digital world,” said SKALE CEO, Siah Yuet Whey.

Affordable Digital Marketing Tool

While big brands splashed millions on yearly campaigns, SKALE was built with the least overhead cost in mind. SKALE was created with the idea of providing sophisticated technology which effectively helps brands run campaign with a minimal entry level pricing.

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With some imagination and the right tools, business owners can attempt to market their product at very affordable rates through SKALE. It has been a great pleasure working with a variety of retail brands, especially offline retailers as Malaysia undergoes a recovery period from COVID-19. Our aim is to work with many more in the short and long term, to ensure we are able to continuously innovate our products as well to better suit the needs of underserved brands,” added Yuet Whey.

Image : Skale.Today website

With more than 6,000 brands using SKALE to grow and scale their brands campaigns, you will never go wrong with this one. Sign up to SKALE for free here.

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