This M’sian Brand Is Going Global With Its Technology

The global Kickstarter campaign is set to go live on 3rd June 2021 and we can't wait to back it.

I used to be an Apple fanboy. From having a MacBook, iPhone, Apple TV to iPad, the Apple brand has been a significant part of my life. This ended back in November 2020. Today, I am a proud Android smartphone user. You see, it didn’t happen overnight. Apple has not been innovating fast enough to the growing of Android technology space and the switch to Android smartphone was a personal choice. From pricing factors to the ever-growing prices of iPhones from year to year, I am convinced my choice was a wise one.

Wireless charging? – Checked.

4k screen resolution? – Checked.

Notch-less front cameras? – Checked.

Huge battery for daily usage? – Double checked!

Pricing below MYR2.9k for a flagship device? – Super double checked!

The above are my justifications on switching to Android. But it’s not all perfect… Searching for accessories to add convenience has been an ongoing effort. You see, I started a Youtube Vlog channel last year and have been looking for accessories to help improve on video shooting with my Oppo smartphone on tight spaces while having it charge at the same time to increase productivity.

In my search for an ultimate accessory, I came across Orbit by Charby on a Malaysian Facebook group and instantly knew this accessory tool solves 2 of my pain points. (Placement on tight spaces and convenience of charging on any back part of my smartphone)

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Charby is introducing ORBIT, a wireless charger with a magnetic pad that snaps right at the back of your Android smartphone and charges in the most simplest way. Think of it as Apple’s MagSafe magnet’s technology but now… it works on any brands of smartphone including ANDROID smartphonessss!

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I reach out to the team at Charby to find out more. This 3 engineers-Malaysian team which is based in Johor Baru will be launching a global kickstarter campaign this June 3rd and being a fan myself, I have decided to write this post and support their big dreams!

Charby works on any devices even if you have a 3rd party casing attach to it. It fixes what Apple’s iPhone lags such as compatibility issues with older USB-C power adapters. (Apple don’t provide the power charger)

Charby fixes these issues and provide an affordable optional upgrade by including an additional USB-A adapter together with their wireless charger and the best thing is, it’s half the price of Apple’s! Orbit also comes with a fast charging speed of 15W for all Qi-enabled devices. Compared to Apple’s MagSafe charger, Orbit charges 24% faster from 10% to 80% battery juice.

On the appearance, the Orbit Pad spot a fully covered vegan leather and slim body which provide a nice fitting and does not stick out on your phone’s back. I love what I see and Orbit has definitely generate a bit of fandom for myself.

The Kickstarter campaign will launch from June 3, 2021 onwards for 36 days, allowing early backers to pre-order ORBIT at its lowest price. Malaysians can purchase ORBIT at its full retail pricing at Charby’s official web store after the campaign too.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity. Visit Orbit’s Kickstarter page to join the Super Early Bird waitlist for first 200 backers only.

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