Roar Your Way To Victory With Lamborghini x PUBG Mobile Malaysia

PUBG Mobile Malaysia players can purchase several choices available in game. Vrooom.

Which Lamborghini would you fancy? Yellow or green? PUBG Mobile announced special collaboration with Lamborghini globally with the addition of Lamborghini vehicle skins. With the latest announcement, PUBG Mobile Malaysia players would be able to experience the most luxurious battle experience riding on the Italian supercar brand. Now that’s battle with a class!

Players would be able to choose a wide release of sexy Lamborghinis ranging from 2 seater to 5 seaters SUV and earn exclusive bragging rights in game. With models such as Lamborghini Aventador SVJ (Packed with a powerful V12 engine), Lamborghini Super SUV URUS, Lamborghini Estoque, your gaming experience will never feel the same again. Shhhhhh, what’s more, there’s a secret car for players to discover in game.

Choose from 2 featured color – Lamborghini’s classic scheme and a PUBG Mobile limited-edition look.

Watch the teaser released on 22nd March below to get your excitement pumping!

The cars are available in game now. Start your collection today!

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