We Bought A Virtual Damansara Uptown Land On Earth 2

KLCC twin towers has been bought by an Australian.

Everything seems to be heading online or digital nowadays. Ever wish you knew bitcoin back in 2009? Looking at the price of bitcoin today, I bet most of us wished that we had bought some BTC back then. Was it a scam? That is a very good question. While we are not endorsing bitcoins, there are numerous individuals who have became millionaires riding on the bitcoin wave.

Earth 2. Hmmmmmmm. We came across this newly launched platform last month on our Facebook feed. Earth 2 promises fans of a virtual Earth, where you can interact with other users, make money by mining resources and buy virtual plot of lands which comes in tile. Think of it as a virtual reality (VR) world in the movie, ‘Ready Player One’. Yes! You have got it right. If you have watched the movie, you can imagine creating your own avatar, socialising, participating in quests and tournaments built on codes.

Image Credit : Earth2 Website

What Is Earth 2

Earth 2 is currently in phase 1 and the developers are pushing out the platform in phases. Early joiners who have bought tiles under land class 1 have already seen land prices soaring up to 100%. Is this a scam? No one knows. It kinda reminds us of the early days of bitcoin where skeptics will remain as skeptics while believers will you know…. believe and tank!

The entire Earth is mapped on this platform and broken into small tile. Each tile comes with a price point determine by phases. The earlier you join, the cheaper the tile is. Currently, land class 2 in Malaysia is going at E$ 1.89 and is still being cheaper than Thailand and Singapore. Earth dollar (E$) values follow and peg to the US dollars. (USD)

From phase 2 onwards, fans will be able to start mining for resources under the tiles that they have invested. While phase 3 will enable fans to experience the VR world of Earth 2. (Probably need a VR google?!)

Check out the teaser of Phase 3 – initial physics inside E2 Terrain Engine below

We decided to buy some lands on Earth 2 with a small investment of USD 24. Excited and curious at times, we scroll through Kuala Lumpur city, brimming with hopes to purchase some tiles in prime location, but as we continue scrolling, we are crushed with disappointment.

The entire Kuala Lumpur city has been bought! An Australian currently own our iconic KLCC Twin towers as you can see below. The transaction was first bought in November 2020 as you can see from the screenshot below. With current value of E$ 621.48, the virtual land appreciation value has soared above 1,788%.

Image : Earth 2 Malaysia
Image : Earth 2 Malaysia

Our beloved Zouk club and TRX tower has already been snapped up as well. TRX city has been bought by an Israeli at E$ 100 just recently in April 2021.

Image : Earth 2 Malaysia
Image : Earth 2 Malaysia
Image : Earth 2 Malaysia

We Bought A Row Of Damansara Uptown Shophouses

Realising that Kuala Lumpur is sold out, we turn to PJ and bought a row of Damansara Uptown shophouses. Haha. It’s the least we could do to try out. Since land class has increased from 1 to 2, we bought 13 tiles at E$ 24.41. (Land Class 1 has the most potential of appreciation)

Wallaaaaa! The new land value has increased by a few cents (0.61%) and we have decided to hold on further (probably for a few years) to check out the real potential of the game.

A friend of PenLah has also sent us a screenshot of his land investment in Dubai and Singapore with healthy gains. 103 tiles in Singapore with 3,054% gained!

How do you withdraw and cash out?

At the moment, there are 2 withdrawal methods namely withdraw to a card or bank. Each withdrawal fee cost E$ 9.50 and since we have not try withdrawing, we are still unsure if users will eventually receive the funds.

You can check out the withdrawal FAQ here.

Is This A Scam?

We are not sure if this is a scam but we would surely advice you not to spend all your savings onto this game platform. Any deals which require users to pay in order to profit should be carefully evaluated.

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